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During cold & flu season, please reschedule your appointment if sick to help prevent the spread.

We recommend keeping our herbal cold & flu kit on hand for self care. Taken at the first sign, it can help to prevent or decrease the severity and duration of illness.




Restore the smooth flow of Qi for pain relief and deep healing

Herbal Medicine

chinese herbal medicine and supplements

Natural and traditional remedies prescribed by our trained herbalists



Pain Relief and Detoxification


v-steam, yoni steams, herbal steams, fertility

Traditional herbal steam for women's health & fertility



Learn how to fuel your body for optimal health

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 "Chinese medicine has made my transition into menopause much smoother. The herbs worked great to decrease my night sweats and hot flashes, and the acupuncture relieved my body aches. I'm very impressed with the results I have gotten. 

-Lynn B.


"I have lost 35 pounds and feel better than I have in years. Friends tell me that I look ten years younger and I believe that I am healthier because I am on a life-long program that will enhance the quality of my life.”

~ Susan H.


"I've had neuropathy in both feet since my stroke 12 years ago. I've lived with the pain, numbness and tingling. In just 2 months I'm 70% better! I'm able to go walking with friends, stand in the church choir and even started water aerobics. I cannot thank Dr. Will enough."

-Shirley H.


"I was scared - think Final Destination when they guy falls off of the table with the needles all over him. Dr. Linton explained everything to me and told me "it didn't hurt". Didn't believe him but low and didn't. There were some times that I couldn't feel anything at all. I was very relaxed."

~Rhonda J.